Education and Support

The SoulPhone Foundation offers much contemporary
information about life, death, afterlife, and after-life contacts

This information provides many practical and powerful
benefits, especially for those who are suffering and searching

1. Much clinical, scientific, and empirical evidence clearly indicates that consciousness continues on

    after bodily death.

2. Validated evidence strongly suggests that the consciousness of our “departed” loved ones 

    continues on in another realm.  

3. The consciousnesses of these dear ones try to contact us for reassurance and continued

    relationships.  They want us to remember that life and love are forever.  

4. Knowledge of the above lightens grieving when loved ones pass on. It also makes your own

    aging and dying easier when you know you are a forever being of spirit, consciousness, energy

5. The above also helps you survive and thrive through life's biggest challenges.  To learn more

    read the free Foundational Articles for Healing & Transformation and listen to the free Radio Shows

    at Soul Proof.   

To learn more, visit the websites of our
Educational Advisors and Spiritual Advisors

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