Greater Reality Living

The term greater reality living describes how you might choose to live as you expand your awareness about the totality of life.  How would you live and treat others if you deeply knew that life does not end after bodily death and all the benefits that accompany that knowledge?  

Drs. Pitstick and Schwartz wrote the book
Greater Reality Living to discuss this vital topic.  The book serves as a guidebook for online and local Greater Reality Living groups around the world.  


Their perspectives are primarily based on contemporary knowledge and understandings from scientific, clinical and empirical – that is, based on firsthand experience – evidence. Some of these views correlate nicely with religious teachings, while others do not. A greater reality perspective indicates, with varying degrees of certainty, that you:


a. continue living after your human form dies.


b. do not really ‘lose’ loved ones after their earthly bodies end; you can reunite with them when you ‘change worlds’.


c. can enjoy a continuing, although different, relationship now with ‘departed’ loved ones.


d. can have not just one but many life experiences.


e. are one with the One and an integral part of Source now


f. receive assistance and guidance – synchronistic signs for example – from sources described as angels, guides, master teachers, higher energies, and the Light.


g. create how heavenly or hellish your life feels – whether on earth or elsewhere – by your predominant thoughts, words and deeds.


h. are interconnected with other people, animals, nature, and all of life.


i. have special purposes for experiencing being on this planet now.

None of the above is apparent when you rely on just your five senses per se. All of the above can assist having a more joyful, peaceful, and meaningful human experience.


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