HOPE Client Sessions

Update: In late 2019 and early 2020, the SoulPhone

Project had three exciting breakthroughs thanks to Dr.

Gary Schwartz and a senior electrical engineer on

the research team at the University of Arizona.  As

such, we will now shift our focus to producing a highly

accurate Electronic SoulSwitch (ESS) that should

enable development of the SoulKeyboard.  


The keyboard, in turn, will greatly increase the 

quantity and quality of communication with post-

material (“deceased”) scientists and inventors.  Key

information from them should allow creating SoulAudio

and SoulVideo, that is, talking with and seeing post-

material persons. 

As a result of all this, we will postpone HOPE sessions

until the ESS is fully operational.  ESS will provide

more powerful and impressive demonstrations of life

after death and our ability to communicate with loved

ones who have passed on but definitely not passed

away.  The timing of the ESS depends on adequate

funding.  Subscribe to the free newsletter on this

website to get updates on when HOPE sessions will be


The HOPE session is an opportunity* for you to connect with your post-material ("deceased") loved one using the current phase 2 SoulSwitch technology.  You may have a successful communication with your loved one using technology demonstrated in the SEED Event (SoulPhone Experience / Ethics / Demonstration).

In a HOPE session you will:
1. Have an opportunity to gain more certainty and reassurance that one of your post-material (‘deceased’) loved ones is alive and present.

2. Have a chance to enjoy rudimentary communication via questions that can be answered Yes or No.  These questions must be supplied beforehand so they can be uploaded into the computer software.


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