HOPE Client Sessions

The HOPE session is an opportunity* for

you to connect with your post-material

("deceased") loved one using the current

phase 2 SoulSwitch technology.  You may

have a successful communication with

your loved one using technology

demonstrated in the SEED Event

(SoulPhone Experience / Ethics /


In a HOPE session you will:
1. Have an opportunity to gain more certainty

and reassurance that one of your post-material

(‘deceased’) loved ones is alive and present.

2. Have a chance to enjoy rudimentary

communication via questions that can be answered

Yes or No.  These questions must be supplied

beforehand so they can be uploaded into the

computer software.


NOTE: HOPE clients must attend a live or watch a

recorded SEED event beforehand so they are

familiar with the equipment, what to expect, etc.


The current stage of the technology does NOT allow typing, texting, talking, or seeing your dear one whose earthly body died.  It may result in observing highly statistically significant 'Yes' or 'No' responses and evidence of cognitive understanding.  In addition, a Personal Identification test will provide their 'yes / no' answers to 12 questions that only 

they and clients would know.  


HOPE sessions are anticipated to be ready by June 2020.  Sign up for the newsletter to receive updates on this revolutionary afterlife communication experience.   

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