Suffering or Searching?

Are you suffering because you are . . . 

  • considering ending your earth-experience by suicide?

  • suffering with difficulties such as failed relationships, physical / mental illness, broken dreams, financial loss, lack of purpose, loved ones with addictions, etc.

  • wrestling with past religious teachings that don’t make sense now?  (fiery eternal hell, harsh judgment, only one way to heaven, you were born into sin, etc.) 


Are you searching for . . .

  • sensible, evidence-based answers to your biggest questions and challenges about life, death, and afterlife?

  • how to fine-tune your body/mind/spirit so you can enjoy the greatest life you’ve envisioned? 

  • ways to positively transform our planet and help others?

 Learn about webinars and seminars to help people who are suffering and searching.   

Our staff members and advisors offer many useful books, CDs, videos, webinars,
workshops, and counseling/ coaching sessions for those who are suffering and
searching.  To learn more, visit
Resources at the website.


  • grieving the physical death or dying of a loved one? 

  • a parent or family member mourning the death of a child?

  • sad and lonely after the death of a beloved pet?

  • fearing your own death and dying?

  • struggling with the suicide of a loved one? 

  • in the process of dying?

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