Marconi, Edison, Bell . . . Schwartz

A life and world-changing technology has now become a reliably functioning stage 2 prototype. The research was conducted at the Laboratory for Advancements in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona.  

Gary Schwartz, PhD – with team of software specialists, electrical engineers, optical physicists, 
evidential mediums, and other experts – has now achieved the first breakthrough of a reliable and accurate 'spirit' communication device. 

At first glance, this news might seem impossible and even ridiculous to you.  Perhaps it would open your mind a bit more if you knew that three eminent inventors from the last century endeavored to create similar devices: 


1. Alexander Graham Bell tried to make a "Telephone

    to the Dead."


2. Thomas Edison worked on a "Spirit Finder."


3. Marconi experimented with a "Radio to the Dead.






Nearly one hundred years later, Dr. Schwartz – a former Yale and Harvard professor with over 450 scientific papers and editor of eleven academic books – is primed for a breakthrough.  Sophisticated equipment and software programs allow performing many more experiments than has been possible in the past.  Other software allows statistical analysis in a fraction of the time versus older methods. 


To learn more about this astounding but scientifically-based research, we invite you to continue your visit of our website.  

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