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We want to honor and memorialize the beloved "departed" loved ones of our donors. Contributing to the SoulPhone Foundation is one way you can transmute your sadness, pain, and deep grieving into more peace, joy, and loving service to others. In this and many ways, your dear ones continue to live on and bless others.

When you donate, let us know if you want to list your first and last name or remain anonymous.  Likewise, please indicate whether you want the name of your "departed" loved ones listed or not.  If you want, kindly provide their birth dates and "angel dates" of transitioning into the next phase of forever.   

Note: The amount of your donation will not be listed.   

Beth West in memory of her beloved son Tyler Sullivan; born October 30, 1997; angel date April 2, 2015
Irene and Tony Vouvalides in memory of their daughter Carly Elizabeth Hughes
Mark Pitstick in memory of his beloved dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends

Terri Petz in loving memory of her daughter Sheridan
Tracy, Bill, Nadia & Laila Soussi in memory of their beloved son and brother, Aymen Soussi
From Anne in loving memory of my father Mark (1907-1971) and in loving memory of my husband Gary (1948-2014) 
In our eternal love and beautiful memories, our son Capt. Benjamin R. Cross, 1/23/1991 - 8/5/2017.
Gloria and Greg in memory of our beloved mom Lillian Tom Chou

Patrick Sherlock in memory of Garrett Savage

In loving and grateful memory of Jonathan Cook, SoulPhone Foundation team member and Ambassador member

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