Stages of Device Development

 The term SoulPhone actually describes a series of anticipated
spirit-communication technological breakthroughs . . . 


The first stage is the SoulSwitch®, a simple binary (on/off or yes/no) device.  A light switch is the most common example of this type of switch. The stage 2 prototype of this device now allows hypothesized postmaterial collaborators (HCPs) to answer "yes" or "no."  


The stage 3 SoulSwitch prototype expected to allow people to enjoy basic communication with their loved ones who have "crossed over."  

Validation that participating 'spirits' are indeed who they say they are can be achieved by asking a short series of specific questions.  For example, a bereaved mother can ask about details that very few people -- such as her "deceased" son -- would know:  "Was Parker the last name of your best friend when you were ten years old?   Did you have a dog named Snoopy?  Was your firsthand schoolboy crush with a girl named Susie?" 

Once the participating spirit's authenticity has been established, other questions answerable by "yes" or "no" can be asked: "Are you happy?  Can you hear us when we talk to you?  Could you see your sister's birthday yesterday?"  These simple, but eminently important, communications may provide deep reassurance that your "departed" loved one is indeed alive and well.  They also will allow at least rudimentary communication. 


A stage 2 prototype with 90% accuracy of this device is in place as of November 2018.  Improvements are being made that will allow photos to be shown; this will aid personal identification and basic communication.  Additional funding and investor capital will allow a type 3 prototype that may be commercialized.  

SoulKeyboard™ and SoulText™

Next, a series of SoulSwitches will enable the creation of a SoulKeyboard much like a typewriter or modern day keyboard.  

This stage of the SoulPhone device will allow you to Soul-Text much as you can now with your cell phone, pad, etc.  Just think of how often most people text and email.  Now imagine doing that with loved ones who have "crossed over."  I know what it's like to miss beloved family and friends who have "passed on."  How wonderful it will be to, in all likelihood, keep in touch this way!


We also expect to have access to some of the greatest minds that ever lived on earth.  They are even more brilliant now since they have an expanded awareness to share.  

The most likely time frame for this stage is about two years after funding is reached with the same probability (90 - 95%) of success.  


 The next stage of anticipated development is SoulAudio that allows you to hear and talk with those living "on the other side."  This device will be the closest to what people think of when they hear the term SoulPhone.  We don't know what it will look like, but it essentially will be like talking on the phone.  

Keep in mind that, for the foreseeable future, none of these devices will be free-standing.  Modern day phones require satellite signals and relay stations to function.  Similarly, SoulAudio, like all the stages of the SoulPhone, will require connecting to a SoulStudio that houses the technology.   


 After that, we envision a SoulVideo device, technology that will allow both video and audio visits much like present-day Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom.  Whenever I visit this way with family and friends who live afar, I always say that audio-video conferencing is the next best thing to really being together.  

This stage of development will really open new doors to enjoying continued relationships with those who have "passed on," but definitely not passed away.  SoulVideo will enable webinars with esteemed "deceased" luminaries who may be able to help us solve our biggest challenges on earth.   


The current ultimate vision of Dr. Schwartz and his team is an 'app' that, like all prior devices, connects to a SoulStudio housing the technology.  This app is envisioned as eventually running on your personal smartphone device.  But there's a lot of research and development before that point.  


Proof-of-concept research to date indicates a strong likelihood of developing these devices in the time frames as described above. However, unexpected positive or negative events may change the order, nature, and/or timing of their availability.  

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