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Scientific technology has demonstrated the reality of communication with postmaterial persons (PMPs) -- those whose earthly bodies have died, but are otherwise alive and well.  

We do not make this claim lightly and agree with Dr. Neal Miller's advise to be "bold in what we try; cautious in what we claim."  

A reliably and accurately functioning stage two prototype of the SoulSwitch has been replicated as of late 2018. This device shows the presence of PMPs and establishes their identity via a series of tests with questions that can be answered 'yes/no.'  The next step is to perfect a stage three prototype -- a practical SoulSwitch® device that could be commercialized.  

Multiple SoulSwitches will enable the creation of SoulKeyboard® to allow typing and texting with postmaterial loved ones and luminaries who want to help those of us on earth.

Building the SoulKeyboard will not require the invention of new technology.  

It should only require the judicious integration of readily available technology. 

Why Is This Research Important?

We are living at a critical time in human evolution. Pollution, resource depletion, over-population, plant and animal destruction, and climate instability are wide-spread and well-documented. War, crime, poverty, and starvation exist in many areas.  A large number of people suffer from depression, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness.  Health problems, economic instability, and other factors threaten to bankrupt developed countries. 

Life on Earth can be better than this.  Much better

You -- and everyone else -- are beings of consciousness / energy / spirit that continues after death of your earthly form.  A deeper understanding of this can enhance personal and global wellness, peace, and abundance. 

What will inspire a sufficient number of people to make positive changes that can enlighten and unify humanity?  Will it help to know that no one really dies? Might the ability to contact "departed" loved ones result in less fear about aging and death?  


Might knowledge of our interconnectedness help us follow The Modified Golden Rule: treat others as they would like to be treated.  Perhaps most importantly, might 'deceased' luminaries assist us via SoulPhone devices to address earth's greatest challenges?  Stay tuned! 

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