Sponsors and SEED Events in 2020!

Sponsors Can Attend One of the First Public Scientific

Demonstrations of Life After Death . . . as our guest

Dear friends, 


We value your organization and want to invite you and another person – as our guests – to the upcoming SEED Event in your area.  

Or maybe you've seen photos of the first Wright brothers' flight on December 17, 1903 and thought how amazing it would have been to be there?  

Have you seen photos of people standing around Alexander Graham Bell on March 10, 1876 as he made the first phone call?  Perhaps, like me, you wondered how they were so lucky to be present for that historic moment.

Now you can observe a new breakthrough that 
may prove to be even more important!

Replicated research at the University of Arizona has now definitively

demonstrated that the death of your body is not the end of your life.


This statement is based on work done under laboratory conditions by a multidisciplinary team of scientists – the first and only such research of its kind.  Click here to read the abstract to Dr. Schwartz's related article in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing - 2019 in press 

What's more, this technology shows basic communication skills using yes / no responses from those living in another dimension of life.  (This switch paves the way for the SoulKeyboard that allows typing and texting with 'deceased' loved ones and luminaries.  An increased quality and quantity of their input can help address our biggest challenges on earth.)


You have a historic opportunity to witness this life and 
world-changing technology in your area and share it with others.

A SEED Event (SoulPhone Education / Ethics / Demonstration) is scheduled in your area soon.  To see where and when, click here.  This full-day event will reveal the latest "spirit" detection and communication technology, and discuss how that can improve your life and our world. 

What You Will Experience at a SEED Event

  • Gary E. Schwartz PhD, director of the SoulPhone Project at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (LACH) at the University of Arizona, will present via video-conferencing.  Dr. Schwartz will discuss the science and technology behind the SoulPhone.

  • Rhonda Eklund Schwartz MA, head research medium at LACH, will present via video-conferencing.  She will talk about evidential mediums and "deceased" scientists, inventors, and other geniuses while on earth who have assisted the SoulPhone research and development. 

  • Mark Pitstick MA, DC – director of The SoulPhone Foundation, founder of Greater Reality Living groups, and research assistant on the SoulPhone Project – will be physically present.  Dr. Pitstick will discuss the many wonderful benefits of this scientific breakthrough and how you might treat others – and yourself – differently and make our world a better place

      Gary E. Schwartz PhD           Rhonda Eklund Schwartz MA         Mark Pitstick MA, DC

Drs. Schwartz and Pitstick will conduct the demonstration of life after death, with the participation of ‘spirit’ team member Susy Smith, by comparing three conditions:

1. baseline (no participant control)

2. with a human attendee touching the sensing device

3. showing the presence of Susy Smith, a post-material person 


Benefits for Media Members

In addition to you and another person receiving complimentary admission, you can – if you wish – be a media sponsor.  To do so, you need only publicize it via your outreaches.  In return, you -- and your organization, if applicable -- will (again, if you wish): 

  • be featured during a rolling slideshow before the event

  • receive direct recognition by the emcee before the event

  • be listed on the media page of the SoulPhone.org website

This publicity will inform a largely local and influential audience that yours is an open-minded and visionary news source. 

Life continues after bodily death . . . join us and see for yourself! 

For More Information 


1. visit SoulPhone.org/Events 


2. email SEED event planners Beth, Brian, or Tracy at SoulPhoneEvents@gmail.com


3. call (520) 276-0722


To register, click here

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