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Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, directs The Soul Phone Foundation and founded the Greater Reality Living online and worldwide groups.  Mark has over forty years’ experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers and private practice. His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology/pastoral counseling studies, masters in clinical psychology, and doctorate in chiropractic health care. After working in hospitals with many suffering and dying adults and children, he was motivated to find sensible, evidence-based answers to the tough questions that people ask. He has given many workshops on spiritual awareness and wellness and is the author of Soul Proof, Radiant Wellness, and The Eleven Questions.  He and Dr. Schwartz co-authored Greater Reality Living.  To learn more about Mark, visit 

Tracy Soussi is a native Floridian and attended Florida State University where she studied Business Management. She and her family lived in Charlotte, NC for 25 years where she raised her three children. She was also a successful businesswoman Real Estate Broker, focusing on land sales, which earned her numerous sales awards.  She devoted much of her time to many fundraisers and charitable organizations. In 2016, her loving son, Aymen,  passed away unexpectedly at the age of 29 from Central/Neurological Sleep Apnea. Since that time, Tracy has devoted her energies to learning about evidential mediumship, and immersed herself in the study of spirituality, including the works of Dr. Gary Schwartz, Dr. Mark Pitstick, and Suzanne Giesemann.

Beth West, BS, MS, grew up in South Carolina and retired as a Colonel from the United States Air Force after 27 years of service, specializing in national security space and cyberspace operations. Her expertise includes multiple project level successes in strategic planning, long and short-term financial planning, mission architecture, acquisition, independent assessment, and front line operations.  She is an accomplished leader, manager and team-builder.  Beth also served a year in Baghdad, Iraq where she was responsible for developing strategy, plans and policy to organize, train, base, and equip Iraqi security forces across the country of Iraq.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina and a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado.  Beth lost her only child, Tyler, 2 months before retiring from the Air Force and hopes the development of the SoulPhone will help in her communications with her son.  She now resides in Colorado.

Brian Smith, BSChE, grew up in Columbus, OH and attended The Ohio State University where he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering. After graduation, Brian worked for a short time in engineering before transitioning to computer sales with IBM, Sun Microsystems and computer resellers.  After a nearly 25 year career in Information Technology sales, Brian and his wife Tywana launched an on-line retail store. Brian has spent the last 15 years as the owner and operator of that store. For most of his life Brian suffered from thanatophobia (an extreme fear of death). To overcome that fear at the age of 40 Brian began studying everything he could find on the subject of the afterlife.  Ironically, one of the first books he read was Dr. Gary Schwartz’ “The Afterlife Experiments”.  After the sudden and unexpected transition of his 15 year old daughter, Shayna, in June of 2015, Brian accelerated his afterlife studies, joined Helping Parents Heal, and is assisting with the SoulPhone Foundation as part of his effort to help others overcome the fear of death and understand that we truly never die.

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