The SoulPhone™ Project Summary

How would humanity react if it found clear scientific evidence that some aspect of our consciousness is eternal?  How would we live our lives?  How would we treat the earth, our fellow humans and all the other creatures we share our planet with?  What opportunities might such findings create?


Scientific discoveries and emerging evidence continue to accumulate that challenge mainstream views of science regarding the nature of consciousness.  The old view, called materialism, proposes that consciousness is a by-product of body / brain processes and when the body dies, all brain functions, including mind (e.g. consciousness), cease as well.  However, this is an assumption that has never been justified or supported by any real evidence.  


Instead of this prevailing position, mainstream science is now being forced to consider the postmaterialist view where we have to add consciousness and information into the mix of the fundamental “stuff” comprising reality.  Evidence from many disparate paradigms are converging that are bringing us closer to this fundamental truth.


This evidence comes from studying a wide range of phenomena: Psychic abilities (Psi); Near Death Experiences (NDEs); Out of Body Experiences (OBEs); Extraordinary Mental Abilities (EMAs); Remote Viewing (RV); Spontaneous Healings (SH);  Transcendent Experiences (TEs);  Synchronicities;  Mediumship; and many other areas.  All these phenomena and are related and are now providing clues to a larger reality.


This larger reality demonstrates the very real possibility of the survival of consciousness beyond bodily death.  Not only that, but, communications with this consciousness is possible.  How can this be?  While some of the underlying mechanisms are unclear at this time, it would appear that the brain may function like a “filter / receiver of consciousness” much as a television set is a receiver for a signal created and transmitted from a distant location.

Current State of the Research

Technologies are currently being tested in laboratories around the world to demonstrate that these theories are real and, in fact, many have been extensively validated.  We hold the firm conviction that one day in the near future the technologies that result from these discoveries will allow us to communicate with what is now considered to be “the spirit realm.”  Devices derived from these technologies will be available for us to continue our relationships with our loved ones who have “passed on,” but definitely not “passed away.”


With enough empirical evidence, from studying these phenomena we can begin to develop models of how this larger reality may function.  Models do not necessarily describe the exact mechanisms that nature actually uses, but models allow us to create testable predictions.  From these predictions we can then create experiments and eventually theories.  From these theories we will ultimately create or discover processes and technologies that will enhance our understanding of nature and perhaps utilize nature’s mechanisms in ways that were once thought of as fairytales or pure fiction.


The Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona is actually progressing toward a working prototype of what is called the “SoulPhone™”.  They have already demonstrated that detection of energy and information and even communication with spirit is already possible in an optimally controlled environment (to minimize “noise” and other spurious signals).  This is accomplished by several mechanisms:

1. Detection of ultra, low level sound

2. Manipulation / interference with coherent light

3. Detection of vibrating patterns of matter and energy (e.g. information)

These emerging historic developments are likened as the next step in an evolutionary process from the cell phone, through the smart phone, to the SoulPhone. This device is not pie-in-the-sky science fiction.  In fact, sometimes things are too good not to be true.  Dr. Schwartz first presented proof-of-concept laboratory discoveries on soul communication technology six years ago in Chapters 13 and 14 of his book The Sacred Promise: How Science is Discovering Spirits’ Collaboration with Us in Our Daily Lives.  

Light Attenuation Experiment

In light of the compelling evidence and rationale for such technologies, the question is no longer “Is spirit communication possible?”  The question is now “What will it take to engineer a technology to make spirit communication practical and affordable?”

Our Goals

Dr. Schwartz is poised to create a working prototype of what will be called a “Soul Switch™”.  The goal is for collaborating spirits to use both binary (yes / no) optical and auditory switches (with at least 98 percent reliability).  Once such reliability has been achieved, it becomes possible to create a “SoulKeyboard™” of thirty or so switches.  At that point, “SoulMessaging™” becomes a reality.  But this is only one type of communication that is possible.  Even more sophisticated means are on the horizon.


Building and testing a prototype switch does not require the invention of new technologies.  What it requires is the judicious integration of readily available technologies.  A complete discussion of these are beyond the scope of this introductory document but additional information can be found under the "research" navigation button at the top of every page of this website.  It is highly probable that we will demonstrate a fully functioning “SoulKeyboard™” within two years.


To help manifest this historic opportunity, Dr. Mark Pitstick and Mr. Robert Staretz, MSEE, have created The SoulPhone Foundation for the purpose of education and forming Greater Reality Living groups around the world.


Do you agree with Dr. Carl Sagan who said to Charlie Rose in a PBS interview, “I would love to believe that their spirits are around somewhere.  And, I’d give almost anything to spend six minutes a year with them.” Would you like to join our Team in some capacity and help take the SoulPhone from proof-of-concept discoveries to personally useful technology?


We encourage you to contact us and explore how you might become involved in this vision. 

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