Webinars & Seminars 2019

In early 2019, Drs. Schwartz and Pitstick will focus on the SoulPhone research and development, and starting online and worldwide Greater Reality Living groups.  

Starting in spring of 2019, Dr. Pitstick will provide a series of webinars about the toughest challenges and biggest questions people have.  These will be especially designed for those who are: 

1.  grieving the passing of a loved one’s human form

2.  fearing your bodily death

3.  struggling with the suicide of a dear one

4.  in the process of your physical body dying

5.  suffering with difficulties such as failed relationships, physical / mental illness, broken dreams,

     financial loss, lack of purpose, or addicted loved ones

6.  considering suicide

7.  mourning the end of a beloved pet’s no longer needed shell

8.  wrestling with past cultural, educational, or religious teachings that don’t make sense to you


9.  searching for sensible answers to your biggest questions and challenges 

10.  desiring to enjoy the greatest life you have envisioned 

11.  wanting to transform yourself and our planet for the better

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