Would You Like a SoulPhone?

When loved ones move to a different state or country, you may miss them deeply.  But you probably do not severely grieve or perceive it as a 'loss'.  Why?  Because you know:  

(1)  they are still alive.

(2)  you can remain in contact with them via texts, phone calls, and video conferencing,


(3)  you will be together again someday, 


By contrast, when the earthly form of a loved one dies, you may have -- in the past -- grieved deeply for a long time -- maybe until you die.  Why?  Because you believed:  

(1)  they are dead and gone, or

(2)  you can't visit with them in anyway until you die, or


(3)  you will never see them again.


The great news?  Scientific research at the University of Arizona has now demonstrated that accurate and reliable technological devices can allow you to continue relationships with your loved ones who have “passed on,” but definitely not “passed away.”


The Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (LACH) has achieved a stage 2 prototype of the SoulSwitch, the first SoulPhone device. The first private demonstrations to other scientists, potential investors, and select clients is anticipated to begin in early 2019.  The first public demonstration is tentatively planned for mid to late 2019.  


Breakthroughs with these early prototypes increase Dr. Schwartz' certainty that you will someday be able to text, talk with, or see with your dear ones who have transitioned from earth.  Bodily death is now more accurately seen as moving to a different realm -- much like a different state or country. 

Yes, you will continue to miss your loved ones, but will no longer need to grieve so deeply.


Would you like a SoulPhone? 

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