About the SoulPhone Foundation

The SoulPhone Foundation is dedicated to:

1. Inform others about technologies that now demonstrate communication with postmaterial ("deceased") loved
    ones and luminaries -- scientists, inventors, educators, and others who want to help us.

2. Educate about the scientific, clinical, and empirical evidence that strongly indicates death of the
    human form is not an end, and all the benefits that accompany knowing that great news.

3. Form Greater Reality Living groups, online and locally, so people around the world can discuss and share

    this life-transformative information.

The SoulPhone™ Foundation has received approval from the IRS

for 501(C)3 tax status (charitable tax-exempt organization).

As such, donations and membership fees should be tax deductible.

The Federal Identification Number (FIN) is: 81-4529985

The SoulPhone Foundation, LLC

234 N. Plaza Blvd.  Chillicothe, OH 45601

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a 501c3 organization

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