The SoulPhone

 An Evidence-Based Technology for 'Spirit' Communication
What would it mean to you if you could communicate with "departed"
loved ones and learn from scientists, great teachers and others
 who have passed on, but definitely not passed away?

1. Do you believe there may be an afterlife, and that you'll continue to live in some form after death?

2. Do you think "deceased" people, especially your loved ones, can contact you?


3. Can you imagine that technology may someday enable visits with your loved ones who are "on the other side"? 

4. After your body dies, would you want to visit with your loved ones on Earth?

If you answered 'yes' to just one of these questions, you may be interested to learn more about recent university-based scientific breakthroughs that:

  • now definitively demonstrate that life continues after bodily death

  • have shown proof-of-concept communication with postmaterial ("deceased") persons

  • is now working on practical technology to communicate with postmaterial persons

Communication devices such as the SoulPhone will someday allow you to visit with your "deceased" loved ones.  That may sound impossible or too good to be true but, based on much replicated data from three different test centers, it's not. 

SoulPhone technology

This foundation is proud to support the work of

Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness  and Health (LACH) at the University of Arizona.  

Educational Advisory Board Members
Educational Advisory Board Members

Stephen Schwartz

Alan Hugenot



Eben Alexander









Anita Moorjani

Bill Guggenheim

Educational Advisory Board Members



Spiritual Advisory Board Members

Lynne McTaggart

George Anderson

Suzanne Giesemann

Suzane Northrup

Mark Anthony

Tina Powers

Jamie Clark

Carl Buehl

To learn more about the SoulPhone Project,
watch the video below
We are affiliated with the Laboratory for Advances in
Consciousness and Health (LACH) at the University of Arizona
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