SoulPhone™ Overview 

The SoulPhone™ refers to a combination of integrative technologies being developed by Dr. Gary Schwartz and a team of colleagues at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona.  


The purpose of the program is to develop working prototypes of accurate technologies for communicating with postmaterial persons (PMPs).  It has been demonstrated that at least some of them want to continue relationships and help us advance personal/planetary peace and wellness.


Certain hypothesized postmaterial collaborators (HPCs) have assisted the research by relaying crucial information through evidential mediums.  For more information about their involvement, see Hypothesized Collaborators and Appendix I of Greater Reality Living by Drs. Schwartz and Pitstick.



The SoulPhone includes four anticipated devices:



This first device is a binary switch to allow PMPs to communicate with humans by signaling ‘yes/no’ answers.  A stage 2 working prototype of the SoulSwitch has been completed and has accurately and reliably been used by three HPCs to complete Personal Identification, Expert Knowledge, and Cognitive Understanding tests.  

These replicated experiments demonstrate with whom we are communicating and provide
rudimentary communication with those no longer living on earth.  ‘Yes/no’ answers should also provide a greater quality and quantity of input from HPCs to assist research and development (R & D) of the next devices.



This device is expected to allow texting and typing with PMPs. Once a stage 3 SoulSwitch prototype is available, R & D on the SoulKeyboard prototype can begin. This phase of the technology will use a combination of switches arranged in the format of a keyboard.  When a switch is activated by a PMP, it is equivalent to a key being pressed by a human operator.  The SoulKeyboard should not require any new discoveries or inventions. 


This device is envisioned to allow humans to talk with PMPs.  The initial goal for this device will be to hear discernible ‘yes/no’ spoken responses to questions.  Subsequent R & D on this device should improve voice fidelity so that continuous speech can be clearly understood.



This stage of the SoulPhone is envisioned to enable humans to see visual images of PMPs.  The goal is to detect and display moving images of PMPs on a TV or computer screen.  The preliminary objective is to display an image, even if it is suboptimal or blurry.  Further phases will refine the equipment and processing of the video signal to enhance the images.  It is anticipated that the SoulVideo system can eventually be developed into 3-D.  Future goals for SoulVideo are to provide life-size holographic images of those living in other realms.  




The SoulPhone prototype devices are an integrated set of complementary components.  Major engineering skills necessary for implementing them are: optical, audio, video, electrical, and software.

This comprehensive research program has been funded by a visionary consortium of donors through mid-2019.  The stage 3 prototype that should be commercializable will require additional funding by visionary members, donors, and/or investors.  

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